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Our places

Our places

Cheviot Area School tree-planting day (Image:Sonny Whitelaw)

You are part of the solution!

It’s time to be on the right side of history.”                                     – Dr Rod Carr. Chair, Climate Change Commission

Helping the environment helps us mitigate the impacts of climate change for reasons explained in this page about Canterbury’s ecosystems.

This section of the website tells the stories of the many people of all ages helping to protect and restore our forests and wetlands, coastal margins and waterways. Each page contains information on what they’re doing, how this helps reduce the impacts of climate change, the contacts and resources that they used, and where available, references and research material for students of all ages.

Currently, only a few projects are visible on this website. We are working on many more. We would love to hear about your conservation stories so that we can share them and inspire others to become part of the solution. If you aren’t sure (or have no idea) how your project helps address climate change, we can do that for you. Please contact

“Healthy and functional ecosystems help reduce climate change vulnerability and disaster risk by:

  • Reducing physical exposure to hazards by serving as protective barriers or buffers and so mitigating hazard impacts, including in wetlands, forests and coastal ecosystems; and
  • Reducing socioeconomic vulnerability to hazard impacts: sustain human livelihoods and provide essential goods such as food, fibre, medicines and construction materials, which strengthen people’s resilience to disasters.”