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Our places

Image: Sonny Whitelaw – Cheviot Area School tree-planting day

You are part of the solution!

It’s time to be on the right side of history.”                                     – Dr Rod Carr. Chair, Climate Change Commission

We can use our action to drive our own hope, rather than leaving it to someone else to do for us. Once we focus on what we can change, it’s amazing how many things we can actually do.”           – Jocelyn Timperley, Climate journalist

Helping our natural environment helps us mitigate the impacts of climate change for reasons explained in ‘Ecosystems‘.

This section, ‘our places’ tells the stories of people of all ages helping to protect and restore our forests and wetlands, coastal margins and waterways. Click on the project names in the menu, or find them using the map below.

Note: only those projects featured on this website are on the map.  Each one contains information on what they’re doing to protect and restore natural ecosystems, how this helps mitigate climate change, the resources that they used, and where available, references and research material.

We’ve only just begun featuring ‘our places’ and we’d love to share your conservation stories so that we can inspire everyone to become part of the solution. If you aren’t sure (or have no idea) how your project helps address climate change, we can help with that.

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How to navigate the map

As with all Google maps, use your mouse to zoom in and out. Click one of the three icons and a dialogue box will open, with the name of the project and link to their page on this website.

Close the dialogue box by clicking the LEFT arrow in the red box underneath the picture of the project. Don’t click the right arrow as it will take you outside this website to Google Maps.